VariGrip Therapy Adjustable Tension Hand Exerciser

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VariGrip for Hand, Fingers, Wrist and Forearm

Only VariGrip Therapy includes the patented Variable Tension technology, providing adjustable, customized tension for each individual finger, thus improving circulation, dexterity, endurance and strength more effectively, and creating a smoother transition from one resistance level to the next. VariGrip Therapy is not only for fingers and hands, but also for conditioning the wrist, and forearm.

Ergonomic, extra-wide base disperses pressure more evenly than other exercisers, and is far more comfortable. Special lip design inside base provides more stability than other exercisers.
Visual, documentable increments located to the side of the tension adjusters offer easy identification and measuring baseline as well as progression goals

Includes full set of multi-lingual exercise instructions, including 3 thumb specific exercises, and fine motor skill exercise.